CoinOpShippers Shipping Policies is an agent and partner with FreightWire. After we have secured your shipping quote, FreightWire will handle the finalization of your shipping services, which include: payment processing, freight pickup scheduling, freight drop off scheduling, and handling insurance claims. All customers agree to the following:

  • The client will use all labeling provided by FreightWire/CoinOpShippers on the shipment
  • The provided Bill of Lading will be attached to the shipment
  • Both the provided labeling and Bill of Lading will be attached to the pinball/arcade shipment at the time of pickup or given to the truck driver
  • Any additional labeling provided by the seller is only to be used in addition to the labeling and Bill of Lading we provide and will not be used as a substitution

If improper labeling is used on the shipment, the carrier may charge an additional fee for processing of the shipment. We do not charge this to our customers, it comes from the carrier and we do not have the ability to refund or waive this fee. If any client is charged a fee due to improper labeling or a missing Bill of Lading, we will not offer a refund.

Additionally, our quotes are based off of the information provided by the customer. If any information is found to be incorrect, the price in our initial quote may change. In the case of any price changes that are a result of incorrect information provided by the client, the client will be responsible for the difference in cost.

Thank you, we appreciate your business and support.